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ZetLine is a product that has almost everything to meet the expectations of a decorative and functional shower channel. Thanks to its existing mono-block structure, the product can be used without the need for any additional parts, and it can meet different size demands on its own, thanks to its sliceable body and different sliceable cover options. Models produced as 80 cm or 120 cm can be selected, or they can be easily adapted to special size demands by cutting them up to 40 cm. Thanks to its compatibility with tiling, it is the only product that combines all these features.The plain and uninterrupted body structure with its easily removable cover facilitates cleaning. Thanks to the flange manufactured with an integrated insulation membrane, it provides impermeability guarantee. With its horizontal or vertical outlet, high capacity, odorless siphons, it can easily integrate into any system and meet the needs of most users.



Cover Options

Linea Cover
Nova Cover
Natura(reverse of Nova cover)

Nova & Natura Cover Usage


Nova cover with its metallic look
can be flipped into natura cover plate.


You may apply your coice of covering material inside
while continuing to maintain integrity and elegancy in your bathroom.

Easy-to-cut Structure

Channels and drain bodies manufacatured in 80 and 120cm can be cut into your desired dimensions. 

With this tailor made feature, these channels can be easily used in products with different dimensions special size for your project.

Usage Options

ZetLine duş kanalı duvar önünde, duş alanın ortasında rahatlıkla uygulanabilir.

Accessory Parts


Waterless Membran Odor Trap

Spiral Hair & Dirt Holder


Cleaning Tool


Siphon Options


Side Outlet Odourless S type trap 48 l/min


Vertical Outlet Odourless S type trap 84 l/min


Simply check all parts of product.