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Floor Drains

Elegant, functionally secure, quick, and comfortable to install

GRUEN floor drains are characterized by their clear aesthetics with an ultra-thin frame, smart details that enable easy and quick installation, and the highest level of functionality and durability. All GRUEN floor drains are equipped with a surrounding sealing membrane for integration into the composite sealing system. Thanks to their space-saving design, GRUEN floor drains are also ideal for use in renovations. The odor trap available in the system, whose flap only opens when water is flowing, effectively prevents any odors. GRUEN offers various cover designs in sizes 10 x 10 and 15 x 15 cm. The Natura cover can be used on both sides in stainless steel or tiled design. GRUEN floor drains offer users high comfort. Easy-to-remove hair and dirt holder enable easy and quick cleaning.

PYS Floor Drain

The horizontal PYS floor drain with an integrated sealing membrane has a very low installation height of 5 cm (10 x 10 cm) or 6 cm (15 x 15 cm), making it ideal for renovations. The included odor trap system is highly effective. Patented leveling and spacing corners, an installation protection cap that also serves as a funnel for connecting text, and the eccentric drain head for fine positioning of the stainless steel frame make installation comfortable, easy, and safe.

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S Siphon Floor Drain

The horizontal s-type floor drain has an optimized shape that allows for a water flow rate of 48 liters per minute, with a minimal installation height of only 6 cm. This makes it ideal for renovation projects. The flange with an integrated sealing cuff can be easily mounted. The patented leveling and spacing corners make it easy to align the floor drain.

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