Welcome to GRUEN

Smart innovation, bathroom inspiration

Under this motto, GRUEN offers bathroom design solutions such as drains, profiles, substrates, waterproof membranes, and accessories that satisfy the plumbers, tile setters as well as the end-user. Our products are designed to be strong, functional, and consistently designed for easy and quick installation. Gruen Systems creates trusted, stylish, and practical solutions with minimized installation risks.

GRUEN Bausysteme GmbH was founded in 2021 with a team of developers, designers, technical sales consultants, application engineers, and project consultants to bring the inspiring smart innovation idea to Germany. We design and offer solutions that are specifically tailored to the requirements and trends of the German market. The range includes products for designing floor-level showers such as shower channels, point drains, or tiled shower trays, tile profiles, and other innovative design solutions for the bathroom. GRUEN is a developer and producer, with the further development of our solutions constantly at the forefront.

Our focus is on providing tile installers and plumbing and heating installation professionals with everything they need to successfully complete their projects, beyond just tiles and adhesives. We have a deep understanding of our customers' needs and work closely with skilled tradesmen to offer tailored solutions that deliver the best possible results. Products are sold through both traditional retail channels and directly through the GRUEN online store. High product availability and timely delivery, if needed within 24 hours, are guaranteed. We offer inspiring design options with GRUEN products to our customers who design beautiful bathrooms, including private bathroom owners, architects, and designers, and also recommend craftsmen for their projects.with.