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Wall-In is the world's first cuttable wall drain and is unique with its patented technical features. With Wall-In, the installation of a wall drain is easy. The shower can be designed on one level and offers a straight, elegant design. Due to its small space requirement, the solution is also attractive for renovation projects. Wall-In is available in lengths of 120 cm, 100 cm, 80 cm, and 30 cm and can be installed directly or cut to size.

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ARTstream showcases the art of the tile layer in all its glory. The floor drain impresses with its modern and minimalist design and offers a variety of design options for beautiful showers. The channel body of ARTstream is constructed as a monoblock with integrated slope, allowing for easy and quick installation. The monoblock can be used directly or cut to the desired size. Thanks to its small space requirement, ARTstream is also ideal for renovations.

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Robustheit, Gradlinigkeit und Eleganz
Die Materialstärke von 3 mm und der breite, gradlinige Rahmenkörper geben HighLine ein robustes und gleichzeitig elegantes Aussehen. Dadurch zieht HighLine alle Blicke auf sich.

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"Pera is characterized by its elegant, simple design, excellent mastery, and solid material thickness of 3 mm. The channel body with a visible water drain running along the top has an integrated slope and can be easily and quickly installed. Pera is manufactured in lengths of 80 cm, 100 cm, and 120 cm. Cutting to a custom size is very easy to do. Pera can be positioned on the wall or anywhere within the shower area. Due to its small footprint, Pera is also ideal for renovation projects. Pera is easy to clean thanks to its easily removable cover. The set includes a horizontal drain with an odor trap (25 mm water barrier) and a drainage capacity of 48 l/min. A vertical drain is also available upon request."

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