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Being the first sliceable, patented wall drain, Wall-In stands out with its superior technical and decorative features. Four models produced as 120 cm, 100 cm, 80 cm and 30 cm can be used directly or by cutting up to 25 cm if desired

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Artstream is a product that has almost everything to meet the expectations of a decorative and functional shower channel. Thanks to its existing mono-block structure, the product can be used without the need for any additional parts, and it can meet different size demands on its own, thanks to its sliceable body and different sliceable cover options

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Highline is a shower channel with its 3 mm thickness and wide frame body which gives it a tough appearance. In the wet areas Highline attracts the all attention thanks to its flamboyant design. Gruen accessories provides excellent comfort not only during the installations but also after the installation.

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Pera stands out amongst others with its unique design, aesthetic appereance and excellent workmanship, besides it has eyecatching  technical advantages like 3 mm thickness and self inclined inox body. It can be produced three dimensions 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm. However its cuttable body gives freedom to create any desired lenght from it.

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