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Wall-In is the world's first cuttable wall drain and is unique with its patented technical features. With Wall-In, the installing a wall drain is easy. The delicate channel body forms a level with the wall tile, which receives a brilliant finish with the straight stainless-steel cover. GRUEN offers a design-strong, genuine wall drain with Wall-In.The shower area can be designed on one level and offers clear, elegant design with the decorative Wall-In. Due to its small space requirement, the solution is also attractive for renovation projects. Wall-In is available in lengths of 120 cm, 100 cm, 80 cm, and 30 cm and can be installed directly or cut to size.Thanks to its intelligent design, Wall-In can be easily adapted to the tile thickness. The factory-integrated sealing membrane guarantees quick installation and absolute tightness. With the easily removable cover and the specially designed hair and dirt holder, Wall-In is easy to clean and maintain. Wall-In is to be used with a horizontal (included in the set) or vertical drain. The height adjustment of the drain body allows for easy adaptation to the required application height.


V2A stainless steel


Perfect insulation performance, integrated sealing membrane


S type drain body with odor trap, 25 mm water barrier, inlet and outlet Ø 50 mm, drainage capacity 48 l/min.                             

Pre-assembled build-in body. No assembly need.



Easily adapt to any wall thickness


The height adjustment of the drain body allows for comfortable adjustment to the required application height.


Patented, adjustable eccentric flange for fine adjustment (10 mm vertically and 15 mm horizontally).


Cuttable to a custom size starting from 25 cm.



Cuttable wall drain

Wall-In ist in den Längen 120 cm, 100 cm, 80 cm und 30 cm verfügbar. Rinnenkörper und Abdeckung können einfach auf jedes gewünschte Maß ab 25 cm zugeschnitten werden.  

Waterproof end piece.

Before cutting, slide the end pieces to the center of the channel body. Then, shorten to the desired length and slide the end pieces back to the edge. The end pieces guarantee absolute waterproofing.

Adjustable eccentric flange

Er ermöglicht die Feinjustierung der Duschrinne zur Anpassung an die Fliese. Vertikal ist eine Anpassung um 10 mm möglich, horizontal um 15 mm.

Tile & Drain Levelling Wedge

Der patentierte Nivellierkeil garantiert den bündigen Anschluss der Wand- und Bodenflächen an den Rinnenkörper.

Drain body-Siphon Options

Waagrechtes Ablaufgehäuse mit sehr hoher Ablaufleistung von 48 l/min auf kleinstem Raum

Senkrechtes Ablaufgehäuse mit sehr hoher Ablaufleistung von 64 l/min