Square edge profile

Stainless Steel & Aluminum

As a corner protection profile, PV40 is used intensively at the intersections of tiles at the corners. It prevents impact damage to the tiles. Thanks to the wonderful effect of Inox, it helps to create modern and decorative areas. It can be easily preferred on wall edges, flat surfaces, stairs. Produced in two different sizes, the PV40 will easily adapt to your project. You can complete the end of the profile with the F41 & F42 edge plug, and the gap at the intersection of the three profiles with the F41 accessory.

PV40 - Stainless Steel
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PV40 - Aluminum
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Stainless Steel



Satin Antrasit


Polised Anodized

Matte Anodized

Polished Black

Matte Black

Polished White

Matte White


PV40 - Stainless Steel

PV40A - Aluminium

F41 F42