Decorative square edge protection profile for external wall corners
Stainless steel & Aluminium

PV40 is a square profile used for exterior wall corners, as well as for base edges and tile finishes. With PV40, you can create modern and decorative tile finishes while also protecting the tile edges from mechanical damage. PV40 is available in brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, anthracite brushed stainless steel, as well as anodized aluminum in black and white (in both polished and matte finishes). PV40 comes in heights of 8 cm, 10 cm, 11 cm, and 12.5 cm, making it suitable for any project. The single-winged profile construction allows for easy and trouble-free installation. The F42 end piece provides a clean finish at the end of the profile, while the F41 corner piece perfectly and elegantly finishes the intersection of three profiles.

PV40 - Stainless Steel

PV40 - Aluminum

Stainless Steel



Satin Antrasit


Polised Anodized

Matte Anodized

Polished Black

Matte Black

Polished White

Matte White


Technical Details

PV40 - Stainless Steel

PV40A - Aluminium

F41 F42